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At Dunsinane's we also grow saffron.

Saffron is well known to be the world's most expensive spice and is prized for its flavour and the intense yellow colour it imparts to many dishes.

Each year Canterbury growers produce some of the best saffron in the world. This has been tested in several overseas laboratories and ranks in the top five both for flavour and colour. With our high production quality control our saffron has also some of the lowest contamination both from pollen (from the flower itself) and foreign bodies( dust, dirt, plant matter, hairs etc.)

Much of the cheaper saffron that is available to New Zealanders has come from Iran which produces about 93% of the world’s crop. This is grown by many small farmers and drying is done in the open by the sun. This leads to a high potential for contamination.

We dry our saffron in a dehydrator, which allows us to standardise both the length of time and the temperature of the drying.

We also trim our saffron threads of the orange and yellow part of the stigma which does not contain any of the spice itself. When looking at saffron in the shops if you can see any other colour on the threads other than the deep red, that is the bottom part of the stigma and means you are paying for plant material that is not saffron.

We sell the saffron in lots of 0.2 gram packs.

Organically grown saffron available now. Please enquire re the e-mail address
Saffron - poor quality
Poor quality saffron showing the yellow and white parts of the stigma

Saffron - good quality
Good quality saffron

Saffron - picked early in the morning
Saffron picked early in the morning
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